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A Guide to Accommodation, Activities, Restaurants & Businesses in Grabouw, South Africa


At the centre of the Elgin Valley in OverbergWestern Cape, lies Grabouw - a hive of activity and home to many apple and pear farms.  A nature lovers paradise perfect for those that enjoy the outdoors. 

The Elgin Valley has also produced some of South Africa’s most delicious cold-region wines and apart from serving these enjoyable wines, there are excellent suppliers of brandy and cider in the area as well.

Grabouw is actually the largest single export fruit producing area in the country and is a hidden gem of attractions.  Many of the farms provide visitors with tastings as well as provide on-site activities to keep the whole family entertained.

Located next to the Palmiet River and bordered by beautiful land- and mountain-scapes : the Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve, Kogelberg Biosphere, the Groenland and Kogelberg Mountains.  Combine this with vineyards and orchards, Grabouw is a beautiful place to visit.

Only about an hour from Cape Town the town is easily accessible and perfect for a day trip.

General Information

Anything goes in Grabouw - visitors will never be bored!  The activities directory has a list of all the things to do in and around Grabouw with some of the highlights as follows:

  • birdwatching
  • hiking/walking
  • wine tasting / wine farm visits
  • mountain biking
  • fishing
  • kloofing
  • Grabouw's mashie course (Golf)
  • quad biking

Consisting mostly of farm stalls and basic shops, Grabouw provides all the amenities to visitors for a comfortable stay.  Fresh produce is plentiful with restaurants offering delicious local fare. Grabouw has plenty of restaurant options to choose from  The business directory lists businesses in and around the area.

Grabouw may be small, but the accommodation options are certainly extensive.  From bed and breakfasts to farm stay chalets, there is something to suit all tastes and budgets.  The accommodation directory provides a choice of advertisers.


Solo traveler's guide to Grabouw: Top 10 must-do activities


  • Hiking Trails: Embark on a solo hiking adventure through Grabouw's diverse terrain. Trails like the Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, providing ample opportunities for solitude and reflection.


  • Mountain Biking: For the adrenaline junkies, Grabouw boasts world-class mountain biking trails. Rent a bike and tackle routes like the Lebanon Forest Trail, known for its challenging terrain and scenic beauty.


  • Visit the Elgin Railway Market: Experience the vibrant atmosphere of the Elgin Railway Market, housed in a historic apple warehouse. Sample local delicacies, browse artisanal crafts, and soak in the lively ambiance of this popular weekend destination.


  • Wine Tasting: Indulge in a solo wine-tasting excursion at one of Grabouw's esteemed wine estates. Savor award-winning vintages amidst picturesque vineyards, immersing yourself in the region's rich viticultural heritage.


  • Canoeing on the Palmiet River: Embark on a serene canoeing adventure along the tranquil waters of the Palmiet River. Marvel at the untouched natural beauty of the surrounding indigenous vegetation as you paddle through this pristine wilderness.


  • Zip-lining at Cape Canopy Tour: Experience the thrill of zip-lining through the majestic Hottentots Holland Mountains with Cape Canopy Tour. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you soar across breathtaking gorges and lush valleys, taking in panoramic views of Grabouw's stunning landscape.


  • Fruit Picking: Engage in a hands-on agricultural experience by partaking in fruit picking at one of Grabouw's many orchards. Depending on the season, you can harvest apples, pears, or strawberries while immersing yourself in the region's rural charm.


  • Explore Harold Porter Botanical Garden: Discover the rich diversity of indigenous flora at Harold Porter Botanical Garden. Wander through lush gardens, tranquil ponds, and shaded pathways, encountering a myriad of plant species unique to the Cape Floral Kingdom.


  • Picnic by the Dam: Pack a picnic basket and unwind by one of Grabouw's scenic dams. Whether it's the serene Eikenhof Dam or the expansive Viljoensvlei, these picturesque spots offer the perfect backdrop for a solo al fresco dining experience.


  • Stargazing: Cap off your Grabouw adventure with a mesmerizing stargazing session. Head to a secluded spot away from city lights and marvel at the celestial wonders illuminating the night sky, offering a transcendent experience of solitude and awe.


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Grabouw Info

Grabouw Info, Overberg, Western Cape, South Africa,, Activities, AccommodationGrabouw Info, Overberg, Western Cape, South Africa,, Activities, AccommodationGrabouw Info, Overberg, Western Cape, South Africa,, Activities, AccommodationGrabouw Info, Overberg, Western Cape, South Africa,, Activities, AccommodationGrabouw Info, Overberg, Western Cape, South Africa,, Activities, AccommodationGrabouw Info, Overberg, Western Cape, South Africa,, Activities, Accommodation